23 March 2017

Do I (finally) finish writing the introduction for my report or should I spend this time here??? I promised myself I would do my readings tonight but I am also telling myself the night is still young.

I love being back in this country so much - even on the days I am stuck at home with nothing to do. I love me friends and my family and they love me back and it truly feels like I don't need anything else in this world. Thinking of having to fly back in 2 weeks makes me so sad :(((((( but still I know when I finally leave York for good a part of me will ache to go back.

I haven't felt an ounce (wow wow what unit of measurement is this) of sadness since I came home. The week has passed too!!! quickly!!! I am very behind on my work but I promise promise myself to catch up by this Sunday.

I've been thinking of the person I was and wanted to become when first started uni and it makes me happy knowing I'm not exactly the same person I was back then. I am still me in most senses but I *think* I have grown up a bit; isn't it quite horrifying to look 3 years back and find you haven't grown at all??? (N.A. to body weight) Everything that has happened happened in perfect time. Patience truly is a virtue, I hope I remember this always always always.

but I will leave this for another time (otherwise I won't have anything to say when I graduate HA)

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