6 February 2017

I just realised I only put my January resolutions down on the 21st which is quite lame but I am proud to say that in the 2 weeks that have passed I have accomplished/mastered all of them except for my Proverbs wall and erm, losing weight (not that I've taken my weight. I have no courage to)!!!

All my rejections are in and for some sadistic reason I feel like I need to print them all out and frame them up. I don't know why but honestly I feel almost no disappointment; maybe I never wanted to do it in the first place. I don't know if it's just some disguised form of bitterness, but suddenly I'm not so sure I want to take this path anymore. I think that's the reason I'm starting to embrace this uncertainty, because I feel like there's a high chance this road I've chosen for myself may not turn out to be a happy one.

Ok I just spent the past 30 minutes fantasising about all the jobs I could do and my head is throbbing now so here are my FEB RESOLUTIONS!!! HAHAHA

1. Embrace the unknown but work hard!!!
2. Go for body attack on Sundays LOL (only 2 Sundays left cos I'll be in London coming Sun this shouldn't be very difficult)
3. Start of my FYP report oh goshhhh
4. ok the toughest one of all is coming

£100 budget until end Feb starts today

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