28 December 2016


Sitting here with my hair soaking in argan oil after an intense day of studying - but only relative because I've done nothing the past few days except for mope and think about how much I want to be back on holiday. I already have my new year's resolutions down on a very prettily decorated note on my phone but I thought I should probably write about this trip before I start on my 2017. I'm not too bothered about year ends and starts but I am still immensely thankful this trip rounded the year up in the best way possible.

I've been wanting to visit Morocco since forever; everyone knows I have this strange, almost corrupted, adoration for countries that are not as developed. I'm not saying I would want to live in any of these countries (I'm a v v spoilt city girl), but visiting them opens my eyes in ways European cities cannot seem to achieve. Not that I expected anything else, but of the many cities I've visited in the past 2 years, I liked every city we visited in Morocco better.

This trip has also taught me that I am cursed when it comes to my film camera, and that everyone else who tries it takes better photos than I do. If I were born just one generation ago, all I would have instead of my Instagram feed and Facebook albums is a real life album full of unfocused pictures of nothing.

Ok where do I start...

Cats!!! When we got out of the airport I was already exclaiming non-stop because there is no better feeling than stepping out of the freezing UK cold into the Moroccan sun, so can you imagine my deLIgHT when we encountered 1 cat every 5 metres just walking from the main road to our Riad???

Against all my morals I am also going to post this picture because what this guy doesn't know won't kill him right.... right after I took this picture he came straight up to me and demanded that I delete the photo but... this is a film photo... it was legit terrifying cos he grabbed my camera and threatened to throw it on the ground and if it weren't for the most helpful 2 boys who were with us I probably would have ripped out the entire roll of film and thrown it on the floor. It was v scary while it was happening but it was nice to laugh about it afterwards hehe. Thank you strange man for bringing us closer, I didn't even dare try taking a picture of a random stranger after this day (which was... day 1..). 

My heart is full of warmth and gratitude for Josh n Joshua, but more more more so for the two of you

Ok v paiseh, sry if anyone reading this expected a proper post about this trip because I cannot for the life of me remember all (any) of the names of the kasbahs and... kasbahs we went to. 

I only know that on this day we watched the sun set and the moon rise at the top of a hill (kinda) and it was q magical (sorry)(English spoil alr)(I'm so bad at such posts)


Carpets!!! This is what I imagine heaven to look like - covered in layers and layers and layers of handmade carpets weaved by hand with small tables that are big enough only to hold a pot of mint tea and little glass cups. I have like 0 self-control so of course I got one. It is now my family heirloom.

Slept in a cave in the middle of a gorge 

I always think the only way you'll know what your friends are truly like are by 1. travelling with them and 2. living with them. I think European cities fail to impress me because I hardly travel for the sights, nor do I do it for the food. These things grow old fast, but I will never tire of the nights we spend squeezed in one bed talking about everything and nothing, or waltzing in the middle of a gorge where the world world, yet no one could see us. I'm so glad none of us bought 3G because then for much of the trip all we had was each other (and the #1 driver Daoud). 

I am also too aware that I keep switching between gross cheesy statements and saying stupid stuff but I can't help myself... my bedtime is in 1 minute...

Even though we had to sleep in the freezing cold and couldn't bathe this was my second favourite day (the first being the gorge day hehe), mainly because it was as Moroccan as it could get and I did so many things for the first time. If my 2016 resolution had been to do more things for the first time (it wasn't), this day fulfilled it all at once. Camel riding, watching the sunset at the top of a sand dune, sand boarding (using a snowboard) down to the camp after that, dancing and trying our best to play the drums around a campfire in the middle of the Sahara; from now on every time I see the milky way with my naked eye (I don't think that day will come very soon), I will be reminded of this day. Even though I make bad choices in life all the time (like wearing my sandals at night and almost losing my toes) all that is left are good memories of singing 小幸运 while climbing up the dune to 追足天空中的流星 (which was a GREAT cardio workout everybody highly recommended) and sitting in the quiet waiting for the shooting stars that never came (or they did, but only for Josh). I had no wish anyway, because when you are in the middle of the desert looking up at the universe, you and the life you worry about so much are but little specks of dust. 

I wish I could recall all the things we did but my memory is (worryingly) steadily deteriorating in Goldfish direction. Every conversation, every tagine, every biscuit we shared in the car, every sentence of attempted French, every breakfast prata; I know they are buried deep, deep somewhere very safe and secure in the back of my mind, and I cannot wait for the day we gather again to lay them out together. 

My 2016 will forever be associated with this wonderful, wonderful country, and the 4 of you. 

Sorry I wasted all your time, here's my video if you are willing to waste another 8.5 minutes

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