14 November 2016

I am so SORRY to this lil space for neglecting you. 1.5 months has been way too long; I forgot how much I used to this use this space to keep myself in check. I promise to write more over here (Dayre is my mistress).

I've been so cooped up (kinda) with my applications (what is this deja vu feeling), my GRE and my OPEN ESSAY which I'll be done with in approx. 20 words, but I just had to come here because guilt. Read through my previous post and all I could think was... wah I can write quite well what why is my GRE score only 4........

Anyway, here are some **exclusive** photos from the roll of film I developed just the other day in Scarborough (because they are too cui for FB...).


I'm not sure if my film camera has a mind of its own and focuses only when it wants to, or if I just don't know how to use it but seeing these shots brought some warmth to this cold town and cold life. These were taken on the day I took a spontaneous trip to Chinatown after work (!) to buy cloth, armed with big dreams of becoming an embroidery master; a dream that never came close to materialising -- the story of my life.

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  1. Bought cloth but that dream didn't materialise.