30 November 2016

Edited these pictures on vsco and transferred them to my desktop a long time ago but I'm only getting down to posting them now because my desktop looks so CLUTTERED now. 

We didn't see any fair, nor parsley, sage or thyme but it was a good good 24 hour getaway

It's Wednesday now which means 2 days till the term ends!!! I think it's ridiculous how fast/slow time has passed... I'm so behind on my lectures and this term has been a nightmare, but from tomorrow onwards part of my future is sealed (i.e. there is nothing else I can do about it anymore) because my PhD apps will be submitted by then *DNG DNG DNG*

CanNOT wait for the holidays to come because I really need that one week to consolidate everything and catch up on my work before I scurry off to Morocco to meet some goats on trees. May December be full of peace and happy (please).

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