23 August 2016

Random Photo from my little collection of film pictures just to make this space look more presentable and Mine. Look at my socks

Lately I've been feeling very at peace with the world
^ typed that on Friday and then went through this whirlwind of emotions over the weekend which resulted in me losing peace with the world and concluding this morning that "I hate people" so... Let's begin again.

I have somehow gotten used to sitting at this desk for 8, 9 hours a day so you could say I have achieved something this Summer. I wish so much that at the end of this break (erm) I can go back like how I did last year - feeling loved and excited for the future. Tough as it may be, as a wise man (Winnie the Pooh) once said, I'd be lucky to have something that makes saying goodbye hard.

If someone were to ask me now if I want to go back to York, against all (my) morals, the answer is YES I do and I cannot wait; because I am so tired (physically (inexplicably) and emotionally) and I can't wait to be left to my own devices because I feel like that is how I grow and learn best (which is not exactly a good thing ha ha).

But at the same time there is simply nothing like being at home because home is just... home; home where I can go out in my pyjamas without feeling like a total slob (although I am a total slob), home where the durian uncles will happily let us help ourselves to their mangosteens FOC, home where I can see those I love the most (almost) whenever I want to.

Today has been a strange day of meeting people I've seen everywhere on social media (LOL) and heard stories about for the past 2 (?) years, but also a nice reminder that home is home because there is nowhere else on earth I can find so many people who speak the same language (literally and erm... fi..gur...ative..ly?) as I do. It's true living overseas magnifies the flaws Singapore has, but at the end of the day when your plane touches down in Changi, you also realise exactly how much you've longed to be back.

In exactly a month's time I'll be putting on my battlesuit again to kick Final Year in the ass. The future is shrouded in uncertainty but yknow what

all will be ok

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