27 August 2016

Awake at 00:29 because I've alr slept 16 hours in the past 24... I don't even want to go out on Saturdays anymore because I've had enUF of crowds and it's the only day I can rechARGE!!!! (like really recharge like I plug myself to my bed for the longest times ever). I am going to regret if I don't go to bed soon but I only have 4 weeks left here till I resume my sloth life in York so... I'll just choose to be tired now since I can rest later.

Went out a record number of 4 times in the past week (Med's bday on Tues > Jumbo on Wed > Teoheng w Rabaka on Thurs > Dinner with Jofo on Fri) and by Thursday I was falling asleep while walking to work... but it has been a very happy and reassuring week meeting with the very most precious people in my life.

One day I was looking through old chats and I realised how much has changed since last year; it's not something I'm not aware of because I Always am amazed by how much 365 days can do. When we told Set how daunting yr 3 seems she told us to look back to when we were freshies and take comfort in how much we have grown in just one year. I hope when I look back next year I'll be able to say I've grown too.

- incoherent -

The other day I asked Mummy if she thinks we are born with our personalities and she looked at me like I was asking a stupid question because "of course!!!!" Personalities always amuse me especially if we are born with them because SO COOL!!! It would be a field I want to go into but I lack neuro/psych content, it's too difficult to get results and tbh such research does seem a bit pointless... maybe next time next time.

There is nothing that can excite AND scare me as much as the future of bio which is why I want to be part this !revolution! so badly. but each time I get excited the realist in me dAMPENs everything because the road is so looooonggggg and I get tired so easilyyyYyyYYy. Too many times I have entertained the thought of taking the easy way out but knowing myself I won't let myself settle.

Quote my fav wise man again

Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there someday. - Winnie the Pooh

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