26 June 2016

Idk how long this page has been opened but maybe I should... type something..... ?? I feel like the moment I landed in SG I forgot how I usually type out my posts or actually... I forgot how to even English; but yesterday was too good!!! a day to not record.

Really didn't want to wake up early because the past week of work has been too draining for all the wrong reasons (but shall not harp on it bc I have faith things will get clearer and better!!!!) but anyway headed to a wedding at 9am in my unironed shirt followed by lunch which only ended at 4+ (?!) n then Finding Dory!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok sorry (to myself)(because only I come here) I don't have pics (which is not rly a surprise anymore right) but it felt so good sitting in a nice cold and relatively clean cinema compared to York's gross rundown cinemas. Honestly enjoyed just sitting there watching a movie w sister n cousins and I think it wouldn't have mattered which movie but the movie was good too the sea lions and the whales really... I really liked them.... and I really teared... when *spoiler* Dory found her parents................... loser

Bought cakes for Rona and then headed to praTA and then came home to sing birthday song n play german whist!!!! Really missed laughing so much over nothing and since I came home since 1 week ago I feel like I've just been laughing a lot compared to when I'm sitting alone in the house in York and for that reason home will always always be home. Ended the night with a light-hearted (wts grace using such words) tele convo n as always thankful for technology.

Just two days back I already felt myself slipping into that hole where I'm constantly annoyed by my own friends and feeling insecure because it's as if all of them have found things more important than (...) me and moved on with life but yesterday's events somehow gave me this unexplainable calm n reassurance that some things will never, never change. It's such a cliche now to call your friends n family your 'constants' but I truly am BEYOND thankful I have my own lil group(s) of constants; I don't have much more (i.e. erm... I don't have variables???? anymore) but I think I am satisfied with this.

Last Tuesday (which feels like a damn long time ago) we teohenged and I was so DAMN HAPPY on the way back I rmb actually telling Jofo otw to amk that.... I was so happy. My supervisor at work asked me if I will stay in UK after I graduate and I (as I always do) said no in a heartbeat because my life is all about the people in it and this week has made me realise nothing, not good grades nor cheap £2 strawberry cheesecake haagen dazs can make me happy like the people around me do.


lost my momentum again

love u all bye

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