10 May 2016

Really peaceful now that exams have started; every time exams start it hits me how insignificant they really are. Sure they may affect my degree but they are not!!! worth all the pressure I put on myself. First exam ytd was a bit of a shock because it was less regurgitation and more thinking on the spot which is always bad for a first paper (when your brain hasn't warmed up to working in exam conditions).

There is war going on in this house and I am pretty much in the middle of it but whatever I am so over this and really can't give a shit. I am just amazed at how 90% of houses break up within like 3 months of living together; must be something about humans that make us incapable of living with each other. I keep typing a possible explanation for this but find myself backspacing because I can't actually come up with a reasonable argument. w0w much research-worthy.

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