23 May 2016

Overcome with this strong desire to be in some asian country wrapped like a dumpling just to fill the biting cold of winter on my face again, but it has to be asian because we have the brightest lights (i.e. we don't close down past 5pm). I'm really a city gurl in this sense bc while I appreciate it sometimes I will choose the quiet of the city over the quiet of the countryside any day. Don't you think there's smth profound abt finding peace in the midst of chaos look at those lights imagine all the little families squeezed in and the ones having instant noodles by themselves for dinner?? Ok talking rubbish again

Exams are over!!! I think I did my best and walked out of every one with my head held high (which is the greatest accomplishment for me). Spent the past 3 days cleaning the house and baked red bean buns today (!) so life has not been all that boring but I'm still a little lost. Talking to precious old friends and trying my very best to be a blessing to those I can (to everyone is just erm too tiring I will try another time).

GOts me internship after many days of beating myself up for being stupid and inadequate sigh I'm always like this OH WELL xiao insecure.

Past term has been way too slow but so fast at the same time; the thought that I'm going to be in my final year even before 2016 is over is madness and it still makes me sad that I can't welcome the new year at home nor celebrate CNY with ma fam (and I rly don't know when the next time I can do that will be...) and I'm starting to think leaving never gets easier.

Nevertheless!!!!!! Praying for a fruitful summer ahead plsplsplspls I'm so anxious

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