8 May 2016

First exam tomorrow!!!! Then I'll only have 3 exams left. Really wondering how I managed 6 in 2 weeks last year...

Sitting in bed listening to new music for the first time in a long time because I think (?) I am prepared for tomorrow hee hee. Past week has really been... chill.................... I've just been eating and sleeping and even finished a 30 ep drama (kim tak gu!!! I hereby proclaim it my fav drama of all time bc I actually managed to get through all the episodes... TWICE HAHAHA).

Beginning to enjoy driving lessons too because it really is quite therapeutic. Not regretting my choice of learning manual because it's quite fun changing gears tho I am still very jerky heh. My internship for summer is still unconfirmed which is making me v shaky but oh well just pray I guess!!! If I don't get this I will have nothing to do during summer AGAIN but eh I really tried this time (even wrote a research proposal which got rejected zzz) so if I don't get it I trust that something else more meaningful will come to me. Don't know if stupid or just very optimistic?

Been spending a bit of time the past few days psychoing myself into sincerely believing that whatever result(s) I get will not affect me because I really really really am trying my best this time. I feel like with each exam period I feel like I work harder than the previous so in a few months' time I prolly will be saying that I didn't try my best for this one but HEY

Ok wtv exam talk is not nice but other than that beEn rEflEcting on the kind of person I've been and want to be; former is not too great but hopefully the latter will slowly, slowly emerge.

Baby steps

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