9 April 2016

Watched a lecture this morning and then spent the past ~20 mins (including time spent to empty bowels) planning a Vietnam trip in my head. 2 years of being in the Western world has somehow quenched my desire to travel to... more Western areas, and made me realise how much more rewarding travelling is for me when I visit some place with a intriguing culture (except when I am attacked by some stomach bug that makes me dysfunctional for days omg no thank you immune system). 

I wouldn't consider myself experienced when it comes to ~ocip~ and ~voluntourism~ but I do think I have a little gift hidden somewhere in me (if I were to be completely honest I think it actually boils down to the fact that my features are more similar to theirs than the typical East Asian so I have an easier time integrating HAHA sry if this is bullshit). Although I have been on OCIPs and mission trips I often find myself scoffing at photos people put up on social media of them hugging village kids (cos I am a hypocritical bitch); to say these programs are harmful and 100% not beneficial to the people there would be going too far, but it does disrupt routine and waste a lot of precious time. When we went to Laos for OCIP a HC team arrived a day later to the exact same village. 0 interaction to coordinate lessons meant the kids probably did a lot of the same things for consecutive days!!! (just as our team probably taught the same things as previous teams)

There aren't many people in this world who can appreciate that I don't enjoy travelling (as much as I thought I would). Maybe I've been doing it wrong, or going with the wrong people (big factor lol), or it's just me as a person because I am intimidated by white people and especially those who don't speak English LOL yikes. I don't mingle with hostel mates or (erps) go on pub crawls so that may be why.

So in simple math
me not having the guts to interact with intimidating white people (just as I am intimidated by white shirts) + me not seeing the appeal in going somewhere and not integrating = a walking (but lame)(omg on a roll) contradiction which is me who does not enjoy going to white people countries.

THEREFORE since I think me (haha) integrates better in Asian countries where me looks like the locals, me prefers travelling to those places. 

BUT say no to travelling disguised as volunteer work. 

Math is a gift to this world (I am aware this is not really math but leave me alone please)
English difficult 

Ok random updates on my life:
My bowels are really healthy now after they went a bit wonky a few weeks ago (idk about u but my shit consistency/frequency is the best indicator of health for me so I pay special attention), I've been exercising well and most importantly studying well. So far I am on schedule and am due to finish revising my syllabus roughly 2 weeks from now (making it sound as though I'm updating on the progress of my pregnancy as much as possible) so I have ample time to digest and mentally prepare myself (before I head to the hospital to properly give birth i.e. regurgitate on pieces of paper). I have bangs now (again) which I cut a few days ago within approx. 4 minutes of making the decision and I am also well-updated on the progress of yoon myeong joo's and seo dae young's relationship. If the writers kill seo dae young I will be very,

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