24 April 2016

- A poem by Grace

Fr tho I've done nothing the past 2 days. My productivity streak has been broken and it feels so GOOD hahHAAHAHhaha HA A laughs insanely. I took a 4h nap today ("It is a sleep" "not a nap" "a sleep" - Rebecca Tan) because the moment I woke up this morning I looked at my notes (just looked) and got a headache that is not really going away, just residing quietly behind my eyes being a lil bitch.

Landlord is coming on Wednesday to do an 'inspection', whatever that means. Hope he doesn't mind the mouldy bath mat that has been in the backyard (?) since like a term ago (or more) or the amount of hair accumulating on the floor. Every day I pick off a pile of interweaved hairs and call it a day because I have no energy to pull the vacuum cleaner to my room. I'm considering letting it all pile up so I have my own customised carpet.

Guessing I have to start studying again but this house is just not doing it for me anymore. Time to spend my days in Ron Cooke Hub feeding off the energy of the Chinese business students. This coming week will be my final (!!!) week of lessons for the academic year which pretty exciting. In 4 weeks I'll be done with exams so get ready for it bc knowing the ungrateful child I am instead of complaining that I have to study I'll be complaining that I have nothing to do.

I have to submit my choices for my final year project this Friday which is not a great time because I don't really know what I should be prioritising when it comes to making a decision. Currently Supervisor Kindness is #1 which is probably not ideal but v impt to me cos I'm an little insecure student who is unsure about her abilities.

Ok goodnight I'm suddenly v sleepy cos I squeezed my pimple and it took way too much concentration so headache's back

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