8 March 2016

Spent the whole day today sleeping in rebecca's room and snacking and enjoying this odd temperature in the house (feels like air con which gives me holiday/slpover feelz) and listening to new moozik. I finally handed in my two giant assignments for the term on Monday which strangely made me very uncomfortable because I couldn't bear to let go of them :'(

This term has been rewarding but not exactly in the same way as the last. I think the most memorable thing must have been finding joy in genomics and my little London weekend getaway. I realise I'm always a little more stressed and tired than I like to admit so going to London to put some distance between myself and school was really like erm chicken soup for my tired soul. Also spent so much time at the brother's coffee table doing my genomics which made me forget about the burden of grades and focus on really enjoying!!!! my work!!!!

Recently my mind has been plagued with thoughts of losing my first class (rly on the verge omg zz) and being jobless in summer which is not great. The thought of graduating next year also scares the shit out of me because it means I have to start applying for more things and that in a little more than year from now I will be starting a whole new chapter in life.

Looking back on the term it really has been the most intense one so far but also the one where I learnt the most in such a short time. For a while I was moping (ok who am I kidding I am still complaining) because James set the bar way too high last term so tutorials are not half as rewarding this term but if I push all that aside my skills mods have really been enjoyable despite full day practicals, 9ams and SO MUCH independent work.

I remember before I started the term I really hoped I would know what I wanted to do and I think I do now (but omg pls give me an internship).

That is all I have to say actually.

Please give me an internship


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