19 March 2016

I am very sorry to the 3 people who bother visiting this little space of mine for you have not been rewarded with the pictures and updates you deserve. Not that I will be posting any photos (because somehow I don't think of taking photos anymore I don't know why) today.

Starting off my Easter break on an extremely unproductive note though I am not as lonely as I thought I would be. It turns out other people get lonely a lot quicker than I do (a shout out to the mother for passing on this fine survival skill)(which she assured me I inherited judging from the many months I spent on the sofa at home watching shows and reading by myself) so I've had more people stay over than I've had the last 10 weeks. In the past week I've cooked myself a proper dinner only twice so now besides being lazy I am also unhealthy.

Ok back to my extremely unproductive note I am HERE ALTHOUGH I AM SUPPOSED TO COMPLETE 9 SETS OF NOTES by tomorrow according to my study plan. Too many times today I have paused (like, not literally) halfway through my drama and told myself to take it easy cos I'm on holiday after all which is true but... but. Just 2 days ago I told Chloe "if you don't feel like studying don't study" which is actually advice I got in my olvl days so here I am honouring my words and noT. STUDYING.

Recently I've become a huge believer of que sera sera so I'm not too worried because I feel like this little ~cooling off~ period (of me procrastinating) I'm giving myself will eventually do good because I really really need to take some time to think of how I'm going to tackle this stupid module I am trying my best not to hate. I will cool off just for today and then wake up early tomorrow to study before church yes.

Useless updates on my life: I am not longer as confused as I was when I posted the previous post *cue Tangled's I See the Light* and I HAVE (90%) AN INTERNSHIP FOR SUMMER!!!!! The thought of being able to meet my friends (since it's at buona vista hip hip hooray) when they start uni for lunch or dinner at wahchee or try all these damn cafes in NUS I see all over social media makes me tingle a little inside heeheehee. Am still thanking God every day I have the people I love in my life and am very glad for technology because I am never as lonely.

I swear I had some sort of essay plan for this post but my brain is cooling off so sorry here's another messy post of me talking about everything and nothing.

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