24 February 2016

MADNESS is going almost 18 days without a thought of posting anything. One way or another life has suddenly sped up (but not really considering I am sitting on my bed now with the lights off at 8.14pm because I thought it was almost 10pm), but now that I am here I can't think of anything to say.

Today I finally got to cross something off my list of things due (ie. my pRESENTATION...) so now I only have 6 things left!!! for the next 2 weeks!!! On the bright side I kinda feel like I have my life on track though I have way too much on my mind (which probably explains why I haven't thought of posting anything...). I must admit it feels quite good to stay in school till sunset working because I finally feel somewhat like a biologist who knows what she's doing.

Legitly quite sad that I'll be missing bible study this Friday because the previous one was so nice hehe but I'll be heading to London tomorrow night which means I get to escape the stress hanging in the air here and eat good food. Next week is going to be all sorts of crazy with work due and 2 presentations (both of which I haven't done any research for!!!!!!! crazy) but I'm just gonna go slow and steady until I finally see the light at the end of this tunnel.

YCDI grace

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