30 January 2016

"You are amazing"
"You are loved"
"You can do it"
- Things we need to stop telling people

"You are good enough for me"
"Be someone you can love"
"Do your best and leave the rest to []"
- Things we need to tell ourselves more

IN OTHER NEWS we're almost halfway through the term and I've yet to start on any!!! of my assignments, not that they are due anytime soon but I just really want to get this load off my shoulder. Got back our results just yesterday and while I didn't do spectacularly I think I am satisfied and (fortunately) motivated to do even better for summer exams.

I've submitted all my apps for summer (minus those that aren't even open yet) so that is one burden down. Been thinking about easter plans and asked mummy the other day if I am allowed to travel by myself but no I am not so guess I'm staying in York to study hee hee. I'm not actually sad about it because I was planning to just leave it all up to God to decide what I should do with my month long break and this is how it turned out so yay.

I really wanted to hop over to Turkey and just spend 2 weeks there soaking in the culture and making friends with some cats, but also didn't feel like visiting any other countries (because they are- in my brother's words- all the same now). Somehow people don't understand that I have no desire to actually see the northern lights like ok hmm if it appears in front of me no doubt I will whip out my cam and take a million photos of it but making my way there is too much effort. I've only a few countries now that I really want to go to like Turkey!!!! and Greece and Israel (I mean... knowing me after I'll prolly visit one and say they're all the same), also Vietnam and non-Bangkok Thailand and non-Siem Reap Cambodia (choosy much).

Going to plan my break and give myself a little holiday camp (with fixed schedule and all) just like what mummy used to give us in primary school. I have 3!!! bio books and countless other books I want to read. P excited to stay here also cos I plan to be ultra prepared for exams and read all the recommended readings. Sounding gross but don't worry I will give myself days off to make day trips here and there (or not)(I am really too lazy when it comes to these things) or lie in bed all day watching shows. I doubt anyone will be in York so the loneliness is something I'm not exactly looking forward to but I have confidence good things will come out of it.

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