13 January 2016

Overdue post while I procrastinate starting on my summer internship applications and drown in this EMPTINESS I've been feeling for days. I don't know if seasonal depression is a thing but I sure have seasonal sadness. Can't. Wait. For. The. Sun to start rising earlier and setting later and for the temps to go up so I can feel whole again (?! LOL).

Anyway here's my video of my Bavaria/Salzburg/Edinburgh trip with Jofo. Maybe it's not such a gr8 idea to be writing a supposedly exciting post while I'm feeling so deflated (do u ever feel like a plastic bag cos I feel like one right now)(a balloon with a hole)(eeeeeeeee).

YA so erm

Hopped from London to Nuremberg and then to Munich while taking day trips in between. Compared to last December though we covered almost the same number of cities (bablablabla) it was far far less tiring thx to my extremely not intense travel buddy. I actually managed to do some work on the trip and mastered writing notes on trains so 10 points for grace for being so disciplined not that it means anything to me now. The trip was really mostly a lot cute little towns and mountains and us refusing to eat any more German sausages and I am just too lazy to elaborate so I shall talk about the other things on my mind recently because I cannot concentrate on anything else.

1. So tired
2. So tired
3. Why am I so tired
4. Feel so empty
5. Why do I feel so empty
6. I can't think of anything
7. This life is so difficult
8. SHut up grace there are starving children out there
9. I'm going to be single for lyfe
10. Omg
11. That makes me sadder
12. It's ok my time will come God has a plan for me
13. ...
14. Sigh
15. So tired
16. Over what?????
17. Nothing
18. Self-entitled bitch
19. Happiness is a choice
20. Sigh
21. Just concentrate on bettering yourself and doing your work
22. Ok
23. *5 mins of motivation*
24. S
25. I
26. G
27. H
28. So tired
29. PMS?
30. No leh not the right time
31. Zzz
32. Ok nvm go and sleep tmr will be better
33. WAKE UP AT 3/4AM EVERY. SINGLE. DAY FOR THE PAST 3 DAYS I CANNOT ALR omg i cannot i cannot cannot cannot cannot cannot


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