6 December 2015

I am really supposed to be starting on human rep and devt right now but I have just decided that this is more important (and it really might be). Woke up at 11am today because Kodaline tired me out completely last night but they were SO GOOD 11/10 would recommend. I am completely unpacked and unready to travel but excited!!! nevertheless!!!

but anyway here's my little essay on what the past year has been like for me so far. I'm thinking I won't have time or energy (or rather I'll just feel too guilty) to this at the end of December and if I do it after my exams in Jan it's going to be too late and considering my memory these days I wouldn't be able to remember anything anyway.

(Hoping to finish typing this by noon which is also 11 minutes away and almost impossible)

JANUARY!! Was a bad month. I think I probably made a post somewhere in summer about my first year overseas so maybe I'll skip this and move on to summer?? which I also made a post about so actually I'm just damn lame and this is just an excuse because I'm so sick of studying my T cells.

Kk but this term has really been the best one so far in a lot of ways. I remember when I was moving out of my room last year I said something about how I've spent enough time alone and that was the end of a chapter bla blabla and this year it's time to stop spending so much time alone. I think this term I've hardly spent time alone thanks to ma homie Rebecca who watches my shows and random thesmartlocal videos with me. Mental health wise I truly truly think this has been beneficial for me because aside from food cravings and occasionally missing my cat I haven't been really homesick yet, nor have I exactly been down in the dumps over extended periods... of... time...? I honestly don't think humans are meant to live alone (I'm not saying alone time is not good but families exist and live together for a reason).

I always like to think of myself as a hater of routine but I guess in some ways I am the exact opposite because about halfway through the term life started getting busy and that was when things started to take shape/life became a lot more peaceful. The only downside is I am SO BEHIND on my shows but you know... maybe this is the end of a chapter too and the end of my binge-watching days. Those days were honestly good (hAHA) but deep down I always knew they had to end some day. If this is how it ends I don't think I mind very much.

This term I met the most inspiring professors and coursemates who for the first time since I came to York made me very thankful I am here and nowhere else (including Singapore). For the first time in forever I caught myself thinking that working here in the UK might not be so bad after all (but loyalty comes first so still no... but maybe a few years). I had the bombest tutor this term who helped me to finally learn (kinda) to code and taught me above all that 1. learning never stops and 2. to embrace technology and keep! up! because it is advancing faster than ever. I don't think I've ever met a teacher who talks about the future of Biology with such a gleam in his eyes. Maybe it's because we Singaporeans are just not as good at expressing ourselves but my advice for anyone who reads this is if you find someone like that rmb rmb rmb rmb that look in their eyes, make it yours and life will be a lot easier and more exciting to live.

When I first started the term I was very confused as to what I wanted to specialise in but somewhere along the way (ie I don't even know what triggered it) I became very sure that I was more a genomics person than neuroscience person. I guess neuroscience was really just a short-term thing triggered by my internship (sorry James.. the other James). Also telling people you specialise in neuroscience sounds a whole lot nicer than "genomics". I have a looooooong way to go because everything is just so!!! damn!!!! complicated!!!!!!!! I'm hoping by the end of y2 I'll know exactly which area of genomics I want to be in because that would be gr8910 and great comfort.

I'm very nearly done with studying for exams in Jan and am thus very proud of myself for such an achievement. Just putting this out there cos I am an insecure bitch who doesn't like people to think I don't need to study to get results or my "life damn chill" like shut up!!!! shut up don't discount my hard work.

Ok I really need to go stuDYYyyy wheee but am really excited now bc I have so many plans in my head like summer internships and a blog and learning how to write review articles ok bye

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