30 November 2015

Sitting here in the dark 30 minutes past bedtime with g00d m00sic not wanting to sleep even though I have to be up to finish my revision and final!! assignment!! of 2015!!! I've been thinking of that science blog I created months ago and never wrote anything in, and how much things have changed since then. Because I feel like my focus has shifted completely and the url just doesn't fit what I want to write about anymore and it's a wordpress so.......

One day when I have mastered writing review articles and finished the 3 books I have sitting on my shelf collecting dust I will set another one up, but for now I will take it one step at a time; let me pass my exams first (!!!). So excited for next term and am crossing my fingers I get the tutor I chose eeeeeeee.

Life has just been revision and wet weather and lots and lots of food (and a biomed dinner last Saturday). Today I talked to my supervisor about summer which made me excited too. I'm rly rly looking forward to what is in store for me the future is so exciting but so is the present!!!!!!! I'm so happy to be here I really really am

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