2 November 2015

Had a happy dim sum adventure with ma girlies and new camera (who is called greg)(actually it looks more like a sophia)(OMG no it is jackson I am calling it jackson)(ok I will decide another time after spending more time with it). I'm currently trying and failing very badly to strike a balance between ~living in the moment~ and using my camera. 

Recently I've been finding myself with less and less free time and more and more stress with my exam timetable being out and presentations/posters due in the next few weeks. My shows are all building up and I've never!!! lagged behind so badly in what, 2 years??!!!! But I cannot deny I haven't missed the sense of satisfaction I get after a day of studying and knowing I am (finally) on track with my studies. 

I'm all planned and booked for December and am so exciiiitttted for Jofo to come. Booking.com just emailed me telling me accommodation for my dates have just gone down and they must be true assholes because I've booked my accommodation orrreaDI.

Really supposed to be doing work rn but I think I'm just gonna finish my episode of 1n2d that I couldn't finish the other day 

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