19 November 2015

Sipping on my chamomile tea feeling very happy after an intense day of studying and running errands (also I realised I've been looking at this computer screen for the longest time ever which prob explains this headache). 

Crafting a long (maybe)(maybe not) post to look back on the year/term because I am so overwhelmed and so many things in me have changed since the new school year started (in a good good way). 

Ordered another book from amazon and am about to start on my applications for summer internships (exciting!!!). I most probably will only be back in summer for a month or so/might not be back at all depending on which internship I get/which competition I choose to participate in. 

Just spent the last hour reading up on GE projects and am a bit scared I'm too stupid for these competitions but nevertheless gonna challenge!! my!! self!!!!! lez go 

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