14 October 2015

Think I got so excited that my stomach's back to normal I overate for lunch and am paying the price for it right now W h y!!!!!!! do I have -ve self control!!!!! I've definitely gained back the 2kg I lost from the past week (thx food poisoning/stomach bug wtv u were) and am rather sad but food!!!! can't resist.

My group projects are just starting to get on my nerVEs now and the difference between how singaporeans and ang mohs work is glaring. It's not in a bad way nor a good way but it's just... culture shock boom boom boom.

Excited for the future and looking at research internships all over the world!!! I've decided though I love Singapore and it will always be home for the exact same reason I should yolo carpe diem and spend part of my summer overseas while I have the chance to. In 10 years' (prolly less) time break will be restricted to barely 2 weeks a year so I should make use of this!!!!!!! Pushing scary thoughts (eg. what if it's the last time I can see someone etcetc what if my frIENDS FORGET ME???) and trying to embrace this... era of my life.

Catching up on lectures today and am on my way to being a code master (kidding all I know how to do now is count to 10 etc) + got the next few weeks all planned out. My group projects are a huge burden but o well bobian I will get through it!!!!! let's go

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