20 October 2015

Random snippets/thoughts of the day:

1. Today at the gym my rubber band snapped just as I was starting to run on the treadmill and I had to apply my crisis management 101 skills and made myself a new band out of my broken band and was tbh pretty proud of myself

2. “My neighbours today do not know who I am. It is because each house only has one door now. But the kampong life was not like that, every house had their doors open to its neighbours. The old kampong life we had was really a paradise for us.” Inevitable but wishing this was kept alive :( Wouldn't it be nice to live knowing help and trust and friendship can be found just next door??

3. Yesterday in church we sang Whom Shall I fear and it was nice reminding myself the God of angel armies is always by my side - I've always had a hard time digesting the whole concept of God and maybe it's because I've listened to the stories so many times and from so young, but the fact Jesus was a real person/died on the cross always just seemed like... stories. Not because I don't believe, but because I am a person with negative empathy (working on it guys don't scold me).
So while (at this current point of time (it changes HAHA oops sob)) I rely on prayer and constantly tell myself I won't be given more than I can bear it's still difficult to think of God as a father or friend and not just... a god and so it was always difficult for me to place Him above all else (ie. friends and family) but ANYWAY back to the point, it's easier now because while we were singing that song yesterday I was imagining myself eating tauhuey with God (LOL)/Him as the friend who would listen to me no matter how late, how busy/the friend I never need to worry will ever leave my side/pANGSEH ME/ignore my msgs/

overall if He were on this earth right now we would be BFFs (emphasis on the second F) like watching the Prince of Egypt tgt during a sleepover or smth and I'd be saying to Him "dude the way u parted that sea was real cool" and He will laugh because I am His humorous child and friend. and then maybe after the movie we'll sing some hymns but I'll stop Him halfway cos like really, self praise is no praise.

You get it

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  1. omg i love the last paragraph can i steal it and put it everywhere hahahaha self praise is no praise?!