3 October 2015

Past 3 days of photos: 

Homemade bagels with mozarella avocado and smoked salmon yum yum - my lunch when I am too lazy to think of anything else to make 

(my fav part of the walk home because I love views in the distance like look at that tall ass tree thing and all the greenery surrounding it and churches in the distance it gives me such feelz yes)

All taken on the way home from school hehe I am always getting strange stares from people because I stop to take photos so much but hEy learn to smell the roses amirite??? 

 Yesterday I learnt pomelo is not pronouned po-meh-lo but pom-uh-lo and I feel like my whole life... has been a lie....... and I am rather affected....... but that is me with my pomelo hat (I am still going to prnounce it po-meh-lo nobody can stop me)

This morning's breakfast with Rebecca HAHA we were supposed to go to the lavender fields but neither of us felt like it so we just walked to macs and ate bfast and bought a lot of groceries and rubbish and usual and came back home and now I can't bring myself to get my ass out of this house. Was hoping to travel around more during weekends but it looks like it's not going to happen because I am such a SLOTH.

Was feeling especially shitty last night but a cry for help to med (at 10.30pm here which is 5.30am in sg but med is nocturnal) helped to dispel the sadness. Last night made me almost grateful to be overseas and maybe absence does make the heart grow fonder. Am still and will always be thankful for this group of forever friends amidst all this change and uncertainty 

que sera seraaaaa 

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