29 October 2015


1. you cannot do everything nor do you need to. life is only a competition if you make it one
2. trust people who know their stuff, they will be of grrrrreat help
3. stop treating people smarter than you as rivals
4. you are a small fry and a nobody, but it doesn't matter- it really really really doesn't and it never will
5. surround yourself with people who are excited for the future- these are the ones to look for when you need to borrow some motivation
6. be excited for the future and technology, because the future holds too much potential for us not to be
7. don't let nitpicky people rain on your parade- you do you; wear the clothes you want, bathe as little as you want, hang out with the people you want to hang out with and never let someone else meddle with your social life
8. listen (not heed) even to the shittiest advice and keep your mouth shut no matter how ridiculous
9. stop arguing with people over the stupidest things
10. shut up
11. 活到老学到老
12. listen to music

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