28 October 2015


Spent the weekend in Liverpool and while it didn't exactly pan out as I expected it to I guess it was still a pretty fulfilling 4 days! Stayed in Uncle Sam's place which was much further from town than I thought it would be and so I spent a whole day in the house because I couldn't be bothered to go out. Packed clothes for refugees in Austria together with Esi and it felt quite good to be able to be in touch with an issue that seems so far away/almost unreal. Saturday was spent wandering around town and studying in Costa (still the best place to study), Primark and spending hours drawing chromosomes. When Sunday finally came I was almost desperate to get back to York but strangely still felt this sadness saying goodbye to the people who treated me like their family despite the awkward little Chinese girl I am. If I have learnt anything from them it's that hospitality really goes a long way and literally does no one any harm. 

In other news recently I've been feeling very!! inspired by the world of Biology (which honestly just sounds very gross but a big relief nonetheless bc I mean have u seen my school fees). In spite of all the free time I claim to have I've been finding myself working late into the night (ie. past 10pm which is BEDTIME....) the past week, which is partly due to the fact I don't start till way after dinner but that is not the point ok and the strangest thing is I actually enjoy?!!!! it, reading articles and also the sense of satisfaction last night when I wrote my very first piece of CODE THAT WORKED!!!!!!!!

I'm so glad I was placed in this tutorial group with the bombest tutor (who I may or may not admire a little too much) who brought us around the sequencing labs today and all that was running through my mind as we weaved through the mass spec machines and marvelled at the size and cost of sequencing machines today was that one day I want to work in a place like that. After I picked my options for my tutorial topic this term in such a haste I was so worried I would get something I didn't like but as usual prayers have been answered whee. Now I worry that next term's won't be as good because the bar has been set too high. Also just a few weeks ago I was debating between focusing on my genetics shenanigans and neuroscience but though it is still a bit early to say I think I've made my mind up on doing genetics (... forever)(I guess genetics in neuroscience is still an option... but let's not go there for now). 

It is very scary to have such big dreams but right now I am just glad that I have something to work towards and am focusing on just having complete faith in God's plans....... whatever will be will be in life and love and while that is reassuring it gets unsettling at times but one thing that's for sure is in the end we can still rejooooice and b happi ^~^ 

Always a comfort ^ 

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