10 October 2015

Listening to the bombest spotify playlist (called 'Your Morning Coffee' and I don't usually listen to their playlists but omg so gOOOOd

Yesterday was a gr8910 day!!! We went to town after our lessons and bought hair dye and I got myself a new 9.99 zara sweater then we came home and dyed our hair while singing hymns (??) and then watched the latest 2 episodes of She Was Pretty while lAUGHING OUR ASSES off. Was about to go to bed when I saw cher's messages which made me so excited and kept me up till 2am.

I am so excited for the future now and so genuinely (which is honestly a surprise considering what an envious bitch I usually am) happy for my friends who are living this 20 to the very fullest and experiencing all sorts of things. I don't think I can say the same for myself but for now good vibes good vibes ok.

My stomach is finally behaving and I'm so excited to be able to eat my cereal with milk again!!! Food poisoning really is a nightmare sigh NTS not to eat raw courgettes or keep my tuna for over a week again. Just now when I was washing the dishes (no link actly) I was thinking how we're really not as special as we think we are and I think it's not necessarily a bad thing.

Going to bed with yet another drama and peace like a river in my heart heheeee goodnight :)))

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