2 September 2015

WOW HELLO a proper blog post!!!! FOR THE first time in months and months and with pictures!!! amazing 


Nightfest last Saturday with Steph who I just met the week before to shop with (...). Arrived at Dhoby and slithered ourselves into the sweatyass crowd where we just perspired together with everyone, watched one and a quarter shows, looked at the crowd at the flea market and after many of Steph's "what the fuck!!"s decided it was not for us. 

So we walked to Raffles City (which was also not exactly intended we were just trying to escape the crowd and took all the ~roads less traveled~ and ended up there) where we bought gongcha and then walked to esplanade.

Will never get sick of this view!!!!!!!! 

Sat by the river with our bubble tea and talked about life and friendships and this state of turmoil our lives are in but I guess this is what's beautiful about growing up. Also keeping this close to my heart: 

"If only I knew then, as I know now, that there is wisdom in uncertainty - it opens a door to the unknown, and only from the unknown can life be renewed constantly" -Deepak Chopra

Went back to AC to eat YTF and I'm sorry thundiebutts for taking the very last bowl of curry I promise next time I will let you order first hahahaha.

^Narcissistic right thx I like this pic

Sat in the void deck and talked about gud tymes and realised that the vd just makes people sleepy because after a while we were all dozing off. Met Mrs Yong who called her our "by the way" because she thought we only came for the food and not her. Also the guard!!! !(omg uncle so DISAPPOINTED IN YOU) didn't let us in the school and we had to call her to "make an appointment" on the spot and even then he didn't believe she was a teacher SOBz ya.

Didn't manage to see the other teachers because they weren't in/we had to leave but left them little cards because I really am very very grateful for them and for AC and yadah yadah the best is yet to be everyone is sick of me talking about ACJC including myself.

Just felt very proud of us (all 4 of us majoring in bio/life sci/biomed!!!! I think Mr Choi would be proud too) and where we all are now despite challenges and school being a bitch. Different boat same sea talk I'm not in the mood to try and be deep (deep as the sea AHA) today.

Life has been great albeit mundane but mundane is good sometimes. Making myself do 4 things every day (I call it project 4 and my aim is that when I'm 40 and I have my nobel prize I'll give a TED talk and introduce this wonderful plan to the world) (a girl can dream) helps occupy my mind and keep myself from being useless/thinking useless thoughts and also thanks to that I'm finally progressing with my online courses and books and this little project I have given myself. Nobel prize or not I think it's helping me in the short term because I'm such a SPORADICALLY MOTIVATED person (sorry I know I've used words in all sorts of ways in this post) I need something like this so I don't sink into a hole of self-pity and hatred for the world again. Also it satisfies the little OCD part of me to be able to fill up my excel sheet (which has also become like my life and diary unwittingly).

I've only a 2 weeks left in this place and last night I was looking at my air ticket for the longest time ever slowly filling up with intense dread. I will hate to leave this place again and my friends and family and cat and food, bed, and maybe most of all the comfort of conversing with other people in pure unadulterated... singlish (here I go again), but for while a girl can dream a girl has to grow too and I'm just hoping hoping for a emotionally painless second goodbye.

Hoping for a fruitful fulfilling 9 months and embracing this chance to grow grow grow so I can come back and show those I love I've become a better person -flexed bicep emoji-


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