29 September 2015

Random shots taken in appreciation of this little city I study in (walmgate - outside our house - the fog!!!! 2 days ago during my run x2)

Baked little bagels (that were not intended to be little) and just ate one with cheese and avocado and smoked salmon for dinner and it is ~heavenly~ I am feeling rather proud of my hands today. 

Went for our erm, welcome back meeting today which was a total waste of time and also collected my exam papers which was the lowest point of my day tbh but it was nice seeing my coursemates after so long I guess..... really don't know what the next year will be like when so much has changed and one of my closest friends in my course is no longer here (which also means changing of lab partners etc. and it is scary but I'm trying not to think about it).

I'm struggling to keep my head above the waves and just just just trust that everything will be okay. We made a few new friends the other day and I'm hoping we'll see them again soon!!!

Have things all planned out for the next few days and maybe a little weekly schedule for myself ok I can do this we can do this this year will be gr88888

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