24 September 2015

HAHAHA hi time alone means I can upload pictures and do meaningless things like this that other people my age have no time to do

Teoheng and dinner with my... friends (idek what to call them anymore) and I wanted to set this as some sort of profile picture but twang's face takes up the entire square and is like twice the size of mine like what am I I look like a small bean. Anyway!!! Happy day (+hy) singing our lungs out for 3 whole hours. Gonna miss this (already do) so much I'm sure teoheng shall be one of the first things I do when I get back. 

It was really a perfect perfect last day in SG spent with my fav people ever rly xiaohappi.

Met up again with gladys who sacrificed sleep to meet me early in the morning and then cher + the rest and it was a good good morning that will stay with me for a long time.

@ the airport where they turned up from nowhere and also left very abruptly (...) which made me xiaohappi pt. 2 sian what good have I done in this life to deserve such friends I also dunno but thx guys for always being lambs, for your arms and legs and most of all for all your time wasted on me. 

Flat iron!!! and their £10 steak 

Arrived in London Sunday morning where we queued at freaking heathrow for almost 2 HOURS???? NTS do not fly to London next year. Had breakfast at Aunty Pam's before they drove us over to the brother's house where I just ate and slept and used my computer for the whole of the 1.5 days I was there.

(Right) Met up with Denise on the day I arrived in York and finally tried Byron which was ... ok I'm not a burger kinda person unless it's McDonalds (HAHA)(low class rly)(whatever right)(u do u guRL)(i'm so gross sometimes i cannot stand it). Had a mini sleepover and I unpacked ALL MY STUFF THAT NIGHT and it was the first time in a long while I felt so proud of myself.

Yesterday!!! I was even prouder of myself bc I cooked breakfast + developed my films + collected my internet + bought myself a new bag (not smth to be proud of but it made me happy ok) + went to chi yip + went for yoga (omg aching like...) + went to oriental supermarket pt. 2 and dragged 5kg of rice home (in addition to all my shopping) + SET UP MY INTERNET!!!!!!!!! + cooked a nice dinner and sliced myself some nectarines and while they are all little things it felt like I had my life in order and it felt good. Probably exhausted myself a little because I fell asleep at 9.30 but oh WELL my circadian rhythm is still completely off now and my sleep hasn't been great but there are bigger things I guess.

2 more days until I have some housemates hehe WHEE

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