6 September 2015

Did I just set up a science blog yes I did hello everyone one step closer to Dr. Png but I have also lost all motivation. Like, the moment the blog was created I gave up and that is what I mean by me being a sporadically motivated person.

YAY!!!!!! NOT YAY!!!!! AM IN A PIT ABOUT GOING BACK and I am not ready. I spent so much of the past few months moping around and being sad and bitter about my friends not having time for me and forgot to make a real effort but am happy now but have only 2 weeks left. Every night I sit and stare at my luggage for at least 2 minutes (which is pretty long la ok) and am filled with intense DNW feelz which I then proceed to twitter to ramble about.

aiyah bye la bye I need to pack la just dNW DNW DNW

update: am torn between wanting to commit to being a mentor and living a nice little hermit life when I'm back in UK. people tell me to step out of my comfort zone but why force myself to do something I don't even really want to? I don't even know if it will be good for me or not

ok update #2 i signed up for that shit there is no turning back good job grace may god bless me

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