28 September 2015

Am sad (but that aside finally listening to coffeeboy's newish album and I love it heeheeehee).

Just spent the day running errands yet again and I am in awe of how many things we have to buy and the sheer!! amount of money spent on groceries. Today an old lady told us to "go back to our own country" and it was upsetting.

I have decided to take a break from social media (ie. twitter snapchat n !!instagram!!) for the time being, maybe a month or so because it has been ruining me. I don't even know what I'm so eager to show other people about my life so just taking this time to slowly slowly slowly reflect and hopefully grow less attached with showing the world who I am and focus bit by bit on those around me instead.

I may have left physically but my heart and mind (and circadian rhythm) are definitely still in sg and while I don't completely have the will to change that I will try to pull part of my heart here with me to York.

I guess tomorrow I will get myself mentally ready for the next year of hard work and play but tonight I'm so tired physically and emotionally I am going to snuggle in bed with my kindle and wake early tomorrow to bake some bagels before our welcome meeting at noon.

I was wondering just now if absence really does make the heart grow fonder and considered testing it out (which also partly explains my social media fast). It may just kill me deep inside but we'll see who bothers finding out about my life then.

Missing u all soooooo damnnnnnnnnn muchhhh (aka thinking of u almost every waking moment it is almost unhealthy but u will perhaps never know how much u rly mean to me)

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