5 August 2015

Today my 2/3-day work week got upgraded to a 3/4-day work week. Everyone keeps asking me why I bother even working when I'm paid nothing but I am really really so grateful for this!!!!???!???! I've been seriously considering my options for when I graduate and am very happy I have this chance to figure out if I want to pursue ~science~ for the rest of my life. I am leaning 89% towards yes now because it feels good being able to do something for this country (in this aspect) and hopefully for the world too but I am still too scared to say I want a PhD.
(did not draw this but soon I will be able to wait for it guys)

I've been forcing myself through that book on Charles Darwin I mentioned earlier (forcing because I find it very hard to concentrate on such books bc I am not one to read biographies???)(speaking of this I remember on the way back to London from the ski trip someone looked through the books on my kindle and was very impressed until he reached my CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC COLLECTION and he just went "ok, I'm judging you"). Difficult as it may be I feel myself being enlightened with every few pages reading about his wife, kids, friends, struggles; maybe even inspired realising he was a real man who lived a real life and not just another name in my notes.

I don't really know what I'm trying to say actually.


Ok summary grace is the master of brevity thanks to her 7/8 (!!) years of tweeting: I'm a very happy unpaid intern, a very inspired science student and I think human beings are very complex and therefore very beautiful. fLOWERS!!! in our brains!!! 

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