16 August 2015

Photos of the day I went to buy ~art supplies~ and then went to the art museum all by myself before meeting rebecca for dinner. Vvv glad I decided to make the trip down to the museum though I don't often consider myself an artsy person (which is also why I went alone hahaha). Met my laoniang after to eat xiaolongbao (my fav food omg I really love it so much) and then MACS RIGHT AFTER wow fatness overwhelms.

Also went for orientation on Saturday as a secret freshie and met people for the first time in months and I think it was good it was nice and I talked a lot that night. Came home greasy and very tired, typed a post about my friends (again) but then Blogger Bulimia kicked in and I removed it again anyway.

zzz I am not happy and I only have myself to blame lol what a lousy loser whatever sucker moron u

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