19 August 2015

“Others who accepted Christian teaching on the afterlife still found when a loved one died they were overwhelmed by a sense that death was final”  “Talk as we will of immortality, there is an obstinate feeling that we cannot master, that we end in death; and that may be felt together with the firmest belief of a resurrection… our faith tells us one thing, and our sensations tell us another” “Everyone who knows what Faith is, knows too what is the desolation of doubt. We pray till we begin to ask, Is there one who hears, or am I whispering to myself? We hear the consolation administered to the bereaved, and we see the coffin lowered into the grave, and the thought comes, What if all this doctrine of a life to come be but the dream of man’s imaginative mind?’ “to feel faith is the grand difficulty of life”  

“… times when light and life seem feeble, and Christ is to us but a name, and death a reality”

... where my living soul would go 
I do not know and I cannot know:
For none was e'er sent back to tell
The joys of heaven, or pains of hell 

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