30 August 2015

(I know I said I'll be back in a month but fingers are itchy and the spirit is weak okay) 

I've been happy. The past few weeks were spent meeting people I love, people I've come to love and constantly telling myself to forgive, forgive, forgive. I don't think I have really been wronged, nor do I feel like I have the right to feel wronged, but I do and I'm trying to fix it - forgive, accept, forgive, accept. In the process I feel like my eyes have been opened to new things; to how biased I was before and it's part comforting and part troubling - I've overlooked so many things I shouldn't have, maybe chosen the wrong people for myself, but who am I to choose? 

It hasn't been easy but I feel so much lighter now that all my disdain has been washed away. Project4 is sailing and so is SAIL. trying my best to focus on myself and being the best version of myself now and I think it is helping. I promise to be better 

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