19 August 2015

Collected my passport and had lunch with Chloe at The Bravery Cafe and tho I felt a bit cheated I really liked the food!!!!!! Which is a great achievement because it is the very first cafe ever in sg that I like (never really joined in the cafe craze except truffle fries truffle fries are good truffle fries are life). If one day I should be on death row and had to choose my last meal it would be xlb truffle fries bcm and... cha soba cos I feel like eating it now.

Also took my weight just now and the number was amAZING!!!! If only my grades went up as easily. I've had a calm and peaceful day which was rather fruitful... I would say. Exercised in the morning (ie. 11am aka the time I woke from my deep slumber) and then ate a bagel I baked last night before listening to a lecture on the philosophy of mind (which took quite a while bc er grace is not a pHILO person but one has to learn yes). Did absolutely nothing for the rest of the day actually but I have completed day 1 of diet so I guess you could say I also lost some weight today and in total that is 3 useful things I've done today. I will finish my book on Darwin tonight and then we'll make it 4.

Maybe I will make that my magic number??? 4 will be my magic number. Every day I will do 4 things to make my life better/enrich myself. Tomorrow's should be to wake before 9...................... and start my new book on the science of sleep!!! I love acting intellectual really it's so easy to fool yourself into thinking you really are intellectual I mean my self-esteem could really do with some help anyway.

I've barely a month left here and honestly can't wait to go back so I can get back in the kitchen properly (little joys in life guys don't judge do u know how much stress I've relieved in the kitchen)(my whole day revolves around my 3 meals)(also all my breaks from studying like oh no I really need to study but FOOD IS MORE IMPORTANT!!!! let's go cook a fancy meal for 1h). I have all these plans for my meals in my head and so many new recipes/Grace's Creations to try out I'm tempted to order my groceries now.

Of course I'm also dreading having to spend the next many months away from the people closest to me but I've done it once and I'll do it again. I hope goodbye part 2 won't be harder. This summer really has been emotionally draining but I'm thankful for the few around me who let me know I'm never alone and for family and cousins and friends who still try.

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