13 June 2015

Huffpuff extremely annoyed with all the Tim Hunt news and the response it is getting. I don't even understand why girls are offended by his remarks. Even if he hadn't clarified he was joking or apologised I am 90% sure I would have laughed had I been there, because to a certain extent it's true and also untrue; true because distractions like those actually can affect your work, and untrue because Hunt has worked with many women before.

If a female scientist had said she didn't like working with men because they are messy in the lab, or if she had said they tend to be less detailed etc., would she have gotten the same response from men? I feel like this is a whole separate issue from feminism. A lot of people I talk to have gotten the impression I am against feminism but I am not, I am against this. I don't know what the word is for it (idk, oversensitive feminism or smth)(shall I voice my thoughts on #freethenipple one day? I think I shouldn't might lose many friends).

Also this guy is a 70-year-old man, he has done wonders in cancer research, maybe you have loved ones who wouldn't be alive if not for him. Maybe he made a mistake, maybe he has been mistaken his whole life, but was it really worth it to push him to the point of resignation? I don't really know what that means for his research but I sure hope it doesn't mean much.

Does that mean I feel if it had been a criminal who made those remarks instead I wouldn't have defended him? Am I defending this guy only mainly because he has contributed so much to the world?

Yes. My morals are all over the place,
just like yours.


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