23 May 2015

These days have been filled with my appreciation for York and me being able to come here in the first place. It's just the feeling you get after a whole day of studying and you finally step out of whatever building you were in to see the moon and clouds and a masterpiece of a sky; Hes East must really be one of (if not) my favourite place in school just because of the amount of sky it gets. 

Finished exams yesterday and really almost collapsed in a pile right after. Previously I always felt the end of exams to be one of the most anti-climatic moments ever because it's always just.... ok... the end bye and usually just ends with me singing A Thousand Years (bc I have died everything waiting for that day to come) but yesterday I was SO HAPPY, not happy in the cannot-stop-smiling way, but happy in the I-feel-so-light-now-but-honestly-have-no-energy-to-keep-smiling-i-just-want-to-sleep way. Ended it all with cider and lots of food before I came back to my room and watched shows for 7 hours straight and vowed to myself not to leave my bed for the next 24 hours but here I am in the middle of Spring on the verge of perspiring under my sheets feeling greasy and dirty and quite eager to get out of bed. 

Studying for my exams really was a new experience, which is very unexpected of a Singaporean to say.... but I think it's the first time I've studied so hard and so much in such a short time (think amount of content in JC bio x about 1.7). Was complaining about bio overload thus far but I guess I'm still on the right track because I really do love bio even now (maybe even more than before). 

I'm not sure what I can do with all this information I have now or if any of it will benefit me in future, but one thing that is different from when I first started is I feel like I'm at bottom of it all and compared to the real scientists I basically don't know anything, but iT'S OK I have 3 years to learn the basics, 1 to decide what to do with my degree, and the rest of my life to cover even more. 


I actually have a report worth 8% of my first year marks so bye Dobby is not a free elf just yet 

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