13 May 2015

  Exam period shots 

Finished my second paper and am feeling goooo00000dddd because this means I only have 4 more papers!!! After the day after tomorrow it'll be three then two then one then none weeheehee. Just paused my Lizzie McGuire movie for this???? I love how during exam period I read more than ever and am keeping up so well with my shows. This is the exact reason I'm always condemning people who use exams as an excuse for everything. Don't study when you don't feel like you can do it productively- lessons from Papa during O's (er if you don't ever feel like studying then maybe reconsider your life choices) I still follow to this day. Half-hearted revision is twice as tiring and half as productive (as is for like everything else in life).

Ate a whole pizza last night for dinner and am feeling fat as ever but shall work it off tomorrow. Using time tonight to get all the cell & developmental out of my head so I can fit pharmacology in tomorrow for Friday.


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