18 May 2015

Am at a point in life where I see no meaning to anything and all I'm doing is imagining the night of 5 June (which is going to be like the happiest night ever tho I'll be hoboing in the airport). I've planned all my meals until then and wOULD LOVE A BOWL OF LOR MEE RIGHT NOW. I even have a great idea for a blog post dedicated to my room and the past 9 months that I predict will result in many tears and thankfulness which is honestly just what I need for this stone cold heart of mine ok bye I have an exam in 1 hour

ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER EXAM, consistently reminding myself that I haven't found anyone in the whole university with as many exams in such a short time as we do and giving myself a pat on the back each time because u a strong woman grace that's what you are u a tough cookie


4 down 2 to go!!!!!!!!!!! Just spent the last hour downloading new music keke #noragrets am going to study tomorrow with good music after hitting the gym (LOL)(such a pretentious phrase...) I am grace the girl not gloria the hippo

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