8 May 2015

Almost 9am and I'm getting scared because of 5am snapchats from friends studying; I don't even know how I feel these days. Kinda like a robot maybe. On a brighter note I'm almost done studying (!!!) and I am already proud of myself for sticking it out through six exams without crumbling (I hope). I cannot wait!!!!

The other day it rained so heavily and I was so happy standing at the bus stop and then I alighted and got angry because I got so wet and then after a while was happy again. I'm so concerned because my brain doesn't seem to be absorbing much but if I look back the next day I realise I actually remember everything. I am way too amused with how my brain works and have entered that period where everything reminds me of what I have to study. When I'm cooking I try to remember how cooking is the reason we can sustain our bodies and brains and primates can't, or when I start feeling stressed I think about cortisol and try and remember its pathway??????????????? It drives me crazy bc it's so tiring and stressful.

The other day I bought 5 mackerels and I'm happy with them. I now have 9 fish in my freezer, a lot of beef and a whole pack of pork belly I don't even want. I can't believe in 4 weeks I'll be waiting for my turn to give my presentation, then in the evening I'll go for a colour run and be off to the airport at night.

Time please fly

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