19 April 2015

WOW!!!  8 days of not posting anything. Must be a record. I actually typed up this longass post about nothing in particular and decided not to post it and also deleted the post before the previous one because... I guess I understood all along, I just wish I didn't. It's a lot easier to say "I have no time".

Life has been a ritual and I can't deny it feels good. It seems every day is a challenge to get my ass to the gym/finish studying what I planned to/complete tutorial homework and the sense of accomplishment is sooooo rewarding. I like to tell people I like change and hate to do routine work but I'm way too comfortable with this lifestyle??? Also my body clock has been set to me collapsing at midnight and waking up at half past 7 at the latest so I've almost completely stopped using any alarm and I feel like a grown-up (because mummy wakes up at 5.55 everyday by herself and I want to be like her).

That being said my air ticket home has been booked and I cannot wait!!! Cannot wait to go home to my family, tauhuey, cannot wait for new freshers etc etc. I am excited.

I haven't been feeling comfortable in church and am about to book a train to Leeds next week to see if I've been a biased little bitch or not; I'm not sure what to expect but I'm not even sure what I want. I just hope this £8.60 is enough to help me find the answer. I've been so bothered by this lately I'm more stressed out about it than the 4 modules I have yet to touch.

SPEAKING OF my modules next week is (basically) our last week of lessons and I have practicals on EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK and it is insane WHY york???? wHAT experiment is so important????

I should get to sleep soon but somehow don't feel like it. Maybe I'll wake up past 9 tomorrow just because I can.

I've been good but I haven't, happier than ever but hollow. When was the last time I felt full anyway? I can't really remember. I can't say I'm empty now- I'm almost full, only lacking that one last puzzle piece, but then again maybe there always is that one last piece. I know what it is, I just can't seem to find it. Something tells me it's here in York but I don't even know how to go about finding it.

sRY for the vagueness this was heavily edited to minimise offenCE LOL

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