29 April 2015

Taken using my beloved Olympus p&s in Kutna Hora thank u camera for being my inspiration in life HA ok that's an exaggeration and this is just a random pic cos this blog has been too pic-less 

I gotta stop with all this Blogger Bulimia. If you managed to catch what I posted earlier this morning I'm here to announce that I am feeling a thousand times better now and I have a 3-day job for summer!!!! That starts the day after I'm home but I have no money so I might as well start sooner. It requires my brains too so that will be good... for... my brain....

I'm feeling proud of myself because after I decided I felt trapped this morning I also decided I won't do any work today but am feeling productive because I'm making a list of the things I have to accomplish when I'm back home, got myself a little job, applied for another, and (kinda) finished my employability tutorial and am feeling excited for the future again. 

I know we are supposed to live in the present but I think it's the future that keeps me going. It has never disappointed and I don't think it ever will; I live in the present knowing that yesterday today was the future and I was excited about it. 

:-)))))))))))))))) am actually proudest because I pulled myself out of a ditch. I think I'm getting better at this; it's nice to know from now on it will get easier. 

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