10 April 2015

It's another beautifUL DAYYYY I am finally going to start studying like crazy so it's now or never (woke up early just to do this).

Rather thankful the camera charger totally died on me after the first 3 days so I don't have so many photos I need to edit ha ha.

update: I STILL HAVE A LOT OF PHOTOS what on earth

Day 1: Brussels 

Pulled myself out of bed at 3am to take a cab to the rail station for our train to Manchester because York doES not have an airport and our flight was at 7.10am. 

Arrived in Brussels and took a LONG WALK because I'm not too great at directions and we ended up walking everywhere. So began our experience with helpful Belgian people when woman no. 1 saw us looking like very lost tourists and offered to help us get to our host's place. 

which was very nice 

Hopped over to Grand Place straight after but missed the walking tour because we took so long to get to our accommodation :-( 

Expensive lunch at some very random restaurant because it was raining and we were very hungry. Had my first try at moules frites and Belgian beer and it was... okay... I don't know what I was expecting but I didn't exactly die and go to heaven. 

Did some mindless aimless wandering around the city centre and popped into too many of these quirky shops selling things grace really likes and wants to buy but will not buy. 

Waffles!!! It was drizzling (WHAT'S NEW)(apparently there was a storm passing through this part of Europe during my trip #whatislife) so my nutella had drops of rainwater in it but all was good. 

Evidence of the rain and my inability to remember to put the lens cap back on ^ Was having a slight obsession with taking pictures of the buildings but I have realised they are almost all crooked and I need to find a new obsession. Also none of the photos have my face in them hAHA this trip was basically me doing a photoshoot for Denise.

Went back to the apartment early because we were exhausted and the rain sucked. We actually bought quiche to eat for dinner but fell asleep at 8.30 because.... 4am train.....

I'm supposed to be studying now shall post this first (to cover up my slightly insulting post) and come back later to edit see u later haters my protozoa are calling me (and so are my closing eyelids)

Hi I'm back

Day 2: Ghent

Previous night's quiche for breakfast!!! It was so good if I ever go back to Brussels I might just pop by that store just to get another (also had it for brunch on our last day).

Denise's hairstyle for the day 

Am very sad looking at this photo because I left my very patriotic bottle in a Starbucks in Ghent!!!!! SOBZ

Was a pretty little place and a good good day though by the end of the day my camera had no battery, my other camera had no film left and my phone was also dead. Didn't manage to take any pictures of our ribs buffet (!!!!!) or the St. Michael's bridge (actually I did using my phone but too lazy) where we fantasized and held our own hands/"I'm gonna come back here and KISS my boyfriend."

Also visited a design museum that really had nothing but because we are cultured women we had to pretend it was very interesting. Also managed to get into another museum free by lying that we were only 18 (chEATS!!!!) and climbed up the Belfry tower (jk we took the lift half the way up)(because the steps were too scary to climb).

Day 3: Brussels again 
(just realised I have a shitload of photos from this day though I feel like we didn't actually do anything)

Daily battle with hair 

Waiting for Ada at one of the numerous bus/tram stops (it was the wrong one)

Headed to Grand Place yet again and missed the walking tour YET again so round 2 of aimless wandering around the city began. 

Stumbled into this street of restaurants and found Chez Leon!!! Read about it on tripadvisor but I totally forgot about it until I saw the restaurant so in we went and round 2 of moules frites and beer began. 

This is a library we went in to pee and lie on the sofas while I was on my great expedition to find a Pull&Bear (which failed) 

So we found ourselves in the comic museum (which I'm quite sure we cheated to go in too because we basically walked past the counter to the exhibitions)(I don't even know if we were supposed to pay). 

When in Belgium.... 

And finally!!! Last stop for the day.... 

Denise got pickpocketed and they caught the thief even before she realised wow 100 points to Belgian policemen. Really made my last night in Brussels because I was feeling a bit miserable thanks to the weather and my failed expedition. Talked and laughed with the policemen in the station while she had to write this statement (which brought back pri sch memories where they first taught us how to write witness accounts). 

Dinner at some fries stand where I was feeling enthusiastic and spontaneous which was a mistake because I ended up getting this GIANT (double) hotdog baguette with more vegetables it can contain and FRIES ON TOP. Ate a quarter of it and couldn't take the fats anymore. 

Casualty scene back in the apartment. Told Denise who was sitting on the red chair there was a tiny moth beside her head and she RAN SO FAST AND FURIOUSLY AWAY her slippers came off and her phone dropped even the CARDIGAN SHE WAS WEARING came off I don't know how someone who is not scared of dying is this scared of moths. 

Host chose this perfect moment to come talk to us. I do not want to remind myself of this.

Day 4: Brussels-Prague

I think I will end it here because my camera charger just committed suicide after. Mad rush to the airport and experienced the most nervous bus ride of my life because I thought I was going to miss my flight. Made it on time in the end and then they decided to delay my flight for 1.5 hours so I just sat on the floor at the gate reading my book and feeling slightly claustrophobic because everyone was talking over me in French.

Met YL at the airport and headed to our hotel where they upgraded our room!!! Yay. 

Dinner at some ulu place but tripadvisor so 

Some shaky castle photo

Spooky view from our room felt like I was in some 1940 German county

Started to severely miss York starting from here on but things got slightly better. Prague is a loveeeeely place but the weather SUCKED of the 10 days I was travelling I had only 1 clear day :-( Also the weather forecast told me it would be 16-17degc but nO IT WAS 2 AND I didn't bring enough warm clothes so a lot of the time I just wanted to go inside. By our last day in Budapest I was just cold and tired and very very sleepy (like not even kidding I went on the walking tour and basically fell asleep at every stop they made like sitting on the steps, by the fountain, on some random bench etc.). 

Overall I guess it was a good experience and one I'm glad was very different from last December's (not that that was bad but wouldn't it be slightly boring if all the trips I made were the same). Made new friends and learnt a lot more about Hitler and Prague's history than I am usually interested in. 

Today we studied many many hours at Costa and tomorrow it will be the same again. I'm actually kind of glad for this change in routine and how all of us are slowly settling into our intensive study modes. I haven't actually felt satisfied studying since A's and today I finally felt it again!!!!! It's such a relief knowing you don't exactly hate your major (yet?). 56 days before we go back home (and 52 to 20) and life moves on life changes life will not be what we expect but we will embrace it!!! there is a time for everything 

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