24 April 2015

I am freaking going crazy over this stupid experiment and seriously questioning my own life choices because do I really want to be doing this for my whole life???!!!! Plating cells????!!!!! and doing a million serial dilutions???!!!! I don't know anymore recently I've just been questioning myself; I totally don't regret my choice of biomed but the topics within biomed I thought I was interested in aren't so interesting anymore and I actually like what I thought I wouldn't. I should embrace this though isn't this the beauty of life??? Figuring out what you like and don't, seeing your preferences change??? #joke

It's scary because I find I can never like one thing for long so whAT am I going to work as next time??? I have so many questions but right now my no. 1 question is how do I do a cytotoxicity assay with non-adherent cells via serial dilution without changing the concentration of cells in each well???? also I'm only given 2ml of culture so I can't do 100x36 why must they make my life so difficult??? But Paul told us we don't need to dilute our cell culture??? so there is no other method? PAUL!!!!! WHY PAUL???? BE CAREPAUL PAUL I AM COMING PAUL YOU (ok on a lighter note the other day I went to the gym and found myself stretching next to PAUL lOLOLOL (who is my professor if you haven't figured out) like literally 30cm away and I had to give a presentation to him 1 hour later omg my LYFE iS JUSt). Update: I have figured it all out (actually not me, pAUL just didn't give proper instructions).

Am finally going to school again this week because I HAVE to thanks to our assessed practicals and I swear the quality of my life just DROPPED okay like I'm feeling shitty again for no particular reason and the last time I felt like this was before I stopped going to school (HAHA ok this sounds very bad but it's not as bad as it sounds I just listen to all my recorded lectures instead but go for tutorials/pracs).

It's nice though to finally see my coursemates again and tease them over rubbish. Two days ago we had lunch which was good complete with a slightly homophobic discussion any angmoh would have strongly disapproved of. Yesterday we had a rather pointless pharmacology practical and everyone in my group was just like...


then my cortisol levels literally decreased ten-fold when they started talking about Roses (not the flower) because I realised... OH....... thEY ARE NOT STUDYING YET....

I can't wait for today to be over because it's the last day of school!!! Unofficially. I only have workshops for the next 2 weeks which nobody really goes to, so it's over. Can't imagine I won't be a fresher next year (and can't believe how fast time has passed????!!). Excited to go home and meet new freshers and for the next year wheeheehee and briyani and tauhuey and kway chap and I really wanna eat nian gao now and bcm omg my bcm

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