14 March 2015

While the day is still fresh in my mind: today was the best day of 2015 and I am sad it's going to be over in 1 hour :(

(all photo creds to rachel bc I am lazy and I have no photos)

It was a good good wonderful day and I'm glad I cannot say I have never taken any rollercoasters anymore. Laughed till my stomach hurt and played contact so much when I look at words now I wonder if they would make good contact words. I feel like the ski trip all over again and am hoping praying wishing we have more of these in future.

Mystery ride/going through the tunnel of love by myself/lunch in the biting cold (temp wasn't that low but idk WHY WE were aLL freeZING???)

/RAT RIDE and fungus' shoe/"OMG THE FIRST DROP IS HUGE OMG OMG IT'S DAMN BIG OMG aaAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"/not snake snail slug/horror ride that wasn't the least bit horrifying/queuing for the Valhalla and "luving it"/soaked shoes/all the EFFORT I PUT INTO THAT INSTA COMPETITIION HAHAHHA WADDUP it's okay I won I'm on a roll guys first the snowman competition now this.

Now I'm drinking my watermelon coconut water that was very expensive and just tastes very weird (and snacking on my 60 peanut butter cups somebody take this awAy) but I'm so happy my endorphin level must be sky high now I feel like my blood is 99% endorphins and 1% adrenaline.

jk bye I'm actually damn tired my blood is 50% fatigue and 50% exhaustion I am dying


I'm starting to feel like 3 years here won't be enough

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