23 March 2015

may not know the exact details about LKY's contributions but am still saddened that someone nearly the whole country respects so much is gone. it feels funny knowing that for 20 years I grew up in a country he gave his life for, that every street, every tauhuey or ba chor mee stall I love exists thanks to him. i feel like somehow i owe my fortune to him, i feel like i owe my LIFE, almost.

but tonight i'm heartened reading all these tweets and FB posts and seeing people deviate from their usual complaints and appreciate what we have. i don't even know why but i feel this strange sense of pride for our country and our people (maybe reassured that we can come together as one united people after all).

tonight I'm reminded of all the things I love back at home, every moment of joy this country has given me, the education i've received, every night I spent mugging for a's, safe walks back home at midnight after tauhuey, the person I've been shaped by this country to become.

i've always been proud to be Singaporean but today I'm prouder than ever
it has been home and will always always always be home

i will get my phd and my boyfriend in part for you don't you worry sir

thank you

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