12 March 2015

LEGITLY peeved at how mucH emphasis is being placed on travel nowadays I am SIck of people complaining that they cannot travel. Not because travel is not beneficial but it is so bloody overrated and because of that it's starting to make people think their lives are pathetic JUST COS THEY CAN'T TRAVEL like omg no if only 20% of people have drd4-7r then wanderlust is 100% another product of society's.. .whatever..?? u geddit

If you can't travel then sit back relax and try and think of something more important than travelling the world because there is A LOT.

Now pls don't misunderstand I get that a lot of people legitly love travelling and have wanderlust but I'm trying to say travel is not a key ingredient to a better life it's just a sUGGESTED INGREDIENT to spice up your life but aLSO THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO CAN'T TAKE EXCESSIVE SPICINESS?????? everyone is assuming they will definitely enjoy travel and some are right but there are SOME (MORE THAN U EXPECT ACC TO SCIENCE) WHO WILL BE WRONG BUT NO ONE IS ENTERTAINING THAT THOUGHT EVERYONE. IS JUST. SO INSISTENT. THAT TRAVEL IS KIND TRAVEL IS SMART TRAVEL IS IMPORTANT (see my the help ref) it is NOT!!!!!! !

if you are looking for escapism HAVE A HOLIDAY GO ON A VACATION YOU DON'T. NEED. TO. TRAVEL. FOR THAT if you don't have the resources??? quote a certain article I just read

"I reckon this modern fixation with "travelling" has blown itself right up its own ass"

are you legitly curious about how the eiffel tower looks like cos I have some good NEWS FOR YA

I get there's the thrill of going somewhere unfamiliar/seeing some famous structure but there are a lot of factors that make a good trip. Stop throwing the word travel around-- too often what we really are looking for isn't travel itself.

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